This is Who we are
What We Do….

Operating in Noida and Greater Noida, SpoonFeeding U is an FSSAI Licensed hospitality brand belonging to SpoonFeeding U Foods and Events Pvt. Ltd. Started in 2020 by Mrs Pooja Dhamija, it has grown into a company with a family of employees dedicated to providing satisfactory catering services for social and personal events.

Indian cuisine is diverse and rich in flavours, spices, and aromas. It is an important aspect of our culture, traditions and identity. We are committed to preparing amazing delectable food. SpoonFeeding U is dedicated to presenting you with superior service on every occasion.

We have catered to 180+ gatherings ranging from Corporate Conferences to School Canteens to Homes. SpoonFeeding U is all about indulging your tastebuds with lip-smacking, scrumptious dining service. we are committed to being a part of your journey and providing the comfort and culinary fare you need at any event.

How it all started?

COVID-19 hit the entire world with dejection and loss in every facet of our life. People were losing loved ones, livelihood and happiness. Amidst all this, Mrs. Pooja Dhamija was encouraged to evolve her culinary skills into a business venture at the behest of all who were in awe of the delicacies prepared by her.

Her husband, Mr. Vineet Dhamija has been instrumental in the administration and management of the venture. His dedication and hard work have helped the venture grow into a thriving enterprise.

Today, SpoonFeeding U is a team of skilled professionals, all trained by the Maestro herself as they give you the food you want with the love you need. Choose from a wide menu selection, and charm all with your superior choices and our flavourful meals.

The story of SpoonFeeding U is a testament to the power of love, passion, and teamwork in creating a successful and fulfilling enterprise.

Experience with us, a culinary service that feels like a nurturing embrace.

Our Mission

Bringing the warmth of homemade cooking in all preparations for all occasions.


Providing the best venue-based catering service.


Becoming the most sought-after hospitality provider in Delhi NCR.

Our Core Values

Quality- Spoonfeeding U is all about giving quality at each step. From acquiring ingredients to cooking to service, our team members are trained appropriately, to maintain a high standard of service in the organisation.
Hygiene- We prioritize hygiene and public health. We ensure that health is prioritised along with delightful meal spreads by Spoonfeeding U.

Trust- Spoonfeeding U has organised numerous successful events. We have an experienced team that is capable of organising superior spreads for every occasion. We aim to provide you with a service that ends with you receiving all the compliments.
Care- Spoonfeeding U is an experience. We are here to support you through all of life’s events, from joyous celebrations to difficult moments. The food is prepared with care keeping in mind your taste for all occasions.
Compassion- We are here to support you for your gourmet satisfaction. The company aims to deliver empathetic delicacies to all customers. Our team will take care of all your meals keeping in mind any particular directions.