Road Trips are fun. Planning the arrangements is not. Let SpoonFeeding U take care of it for you. Tell us your dates, your numbers and your route and be without worries about your dining needs. SpoonFeeding U will equip you with healthy snacks and yummy food for your journeys.

Food is an important factor in the uniqueness of a place. SpoonFeeding U is committed to offering you the best of your favourite foods along with meals that are packed with the unique flavor of your destination.

After all, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans Do’. We at SpoonFeeding U say: ‘When in Rome, EAT as the Romans do.’

Why Choose US?

Take it Easy– Drop the arrangements of one checkpoint in your travel to-do list with SpoonFeeding U’s experts for a delicious twist to your journey.
Convenience- After giving us all the details, think of us as your food guides in the city. There is no need to score through hundreds of reviews because we have done all the testing for you.
Local Delicacies- Experience the trip through the local food. SpoonFeeding U will ensure that you have the best of the local cuisine so you do not miss out on the newness of the place.
Best of Both Worlds- Craving for Uniqueness or just wishing for the familiar SpoonFeeding U will include tasty meals from your favourites with a healthy sprinkling of the flavours of the destination.