SpoonFeeding U specialises in catering to corporate events of any scale. Our team is equipped to handle High-Teas, Staff Lunches, Dinners, Seminars, Conferences and Celebrations with top-level management and tasty food.
When planning a corporate event catering, it’s important to consider the event’s theme, style, and purpose. SpoonFeeding U provides superior service to make all your events a success.
We believe in serving what you want. Check out our expansive menu full of people’s favourite dishes, sure to make any event special.

Why Choose US?

Highly flexible plans- Choose everything from the cutlery to food to service.
Prepared by the Masters- All our chefs are highly trained to deliver finger-licking food which will tantalise your guests’ senses to have them gushing only praises for you.
Food for International Palette-SpoonFeeding U is up to the task of delighting your international clients with meals catered to their spice-sensitive palette.
Cost-Effective- SpoonFeeding U gives you the option to decide on the plans. It means you have very cost-effective catering for all your events