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Sign Up as a Business Director-HFU(Home Franchise Unit)

Golden Opportunity particularly for house-wives/aspiring entrepreneurs in various residential societies/apartments to become an ENTREPRENEUR and earn anywhere between 30K to 2 Lacs per month.


JOIN US AS A BUSINESS DIRECTOR, SpoonFeeding U-(Home Franchise Unit)


Your Position
You will be appointed as Business Director-Home Franchise Unit(BD-HFU) representing your sector/society.

Main Role of BD-HFU

  • To collect pre-orders for the next day from residents of your sector/society.
  • Ensure pre-order Payment to SFU via the QR code that will be provided to you.
  • Next day those many Food-Boxes will be delivered to the address of BD-HFU
  • BD-HFU deliver the food boxes to the designated customer.
  • BD-HFU will receive monthly commision as per sales volume slab by 10th of the following month.
  • BD-HFU is expected to actively pickup orders related to House Warming Parties/Kitty Parties/Birthdays/Anniversaries/Dinners/Lunches within their Societies/Sectors.


Advantage of BD-HFU!!

  • Zero Investment
  • No Cooking Hassles
  • No Chef/Cooks required-Zero overhead cost
  • Just collect orders & count your money.

Please contact us for further details